stage 2
15:30 - 16:00
Ceci n'est pas un MOOC. How to build awesome, open, dirt-cheap online courses

Short thesis

There is an incredible opportunity to build new and interesting ways to learn together online. MOOCs dominate the conversation, but only scratch the surface of what is possible. Better learning will happen when more people, not just academics and universities, gets involved in building, experimenting, and innovating.


There is a lot of interest in MOOCs these days, but many of the early courses seem to replicate the worst part of the traditional campus model of education. And they are expensive to create and sustain. In this session I will talk about work I have been doing at P2PU and the MIT Media Lab to create alternative approach to supporting large online courses: using the web as a platform instead of building new portals; using open source software and free services instead of closed systems; and supporting group work and community engagement rather than delivering content to the maximum number of people. And doing it all on a shoestring budget and having a blast.