stage 3
13:00 - 13:30
News you can't print - journalism beyond the article

Short thesis

Journalism needs to explore new ways of tell stories - to start using the web as a medium more fully and move beyond the established form of the article. In our workshop, we want to explore what the best format is to express a range of news stories.


News on the web brings us an entirely new platform, yet the people and institutions that run news sites are tied to the legacies of the print world: we focus on creating articles on a daily basis, in a set of fixed formats that are dictated by newspaper technology.

As part of the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews Program, eight fellows are embedded in different newsrooms around the world, including the two of us at ZEIT Online and SPIEGEL ONLINE. Our goal in these two newsrooms is to find cutting-edge approaches for using technology in telling the news.

By first exploring example stories we'll use this workshop to deconstruct traditional story telling methods and then to brainstorm and explore new ways in which they could be told online, from activity stream to data visualization, wiki page to a live Q&A session. We will use this workshop to collaboratively design narratives that could not be expressed on paper, stories that live on the web.