stage 3
15:00 - 16:00

Short thesis

It’s about time to connect with the arising middle classes of young African achievers. THE NEW//AFRICA is a new media brand with a social impact, sharing success stories, building new alliances, putting young professionals, startups and entrepreneurs on the international agenda. Let’s forget clichés and misconceptions, still prevailing in the perception of the public: We are focussing on perspectives and progress, on chances, challenges and changes.


THE NEW//AFRICA is a platform aggregating the most interesting success stories from all over the continent, introducing exceptional talent, knowhow and visions. It’s a thermometer of the international bloggers’ opinion. It’s an event scheme and an annual yearbook on the life and work of the global thinking young African professionals.

This session is discussing a fresh viewpoint on the African economy, presenting new forms of co-operation and networking. Presented by THE NEW//AFRICA-founder Beate Wedekind, renowned German journalist, publisher and TV-person, Preethi Mariappan, Head of Digital of TBWA Germany, and Julian Tadesse, MA in African Studies and Political Science. Other participants of the discussion are: Stefan Jaeger, Swiss film director, and Mike Baffoe, football pro from Ghana (tbc).