stage 3
15:30 - 16:30
I palindrome I – your life is mine

Short thesis

In an increasingly digital world we are becoming fictional characters in other people's stories and legislation is not the solution for the privacy debate.


Marcus Brown wrote, developed and performed digital characters; from 2006 until the end of 2010 he created a cast of around 18 fictional actors that entwined themselves into the everyday lives of everyday people. Then suddenly, he stopped. Some people think that he just got bored of it all, that he didn’t have the time or that he had simply run out of ideas. He has never really talked about why he stopped, until now.

The truth is he scared himself; that is to say his last character - Jack The Twitter - scared him. The research, the writing, the profiling and stalking of Jack’s “victims”terrified the living daylights out of him.

In his new talk, “I palindrome I - your life is mine”, Marcus explores how he crept into the heads of ordinary people, how he could profile them, predict their every move and turn them into fictional characters in his own performance. He will highlight how dangerous our behaviour has become. We now live in a “casting-gesellschaft”, a place where everybody can be a star and likes, shares, follows and retweets are increasingly becoming our emotional currency. In this place it is ridiculously easy to sneak into the lives of other people. As of 23.01.2013 he has started profiling three re:publica visitors to show just how easy this is.